Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nervous Mom - UPDATED

I will be having a nervous Mom day today. My son Richard is having his first driving lesson this afternoon. I am so anxious and can't believe he is going to be driving!!!! (I can't be old enough to have a Son learning to drive LOL)
I will be in bed after night shift but no doubt my internal "Mom alert clock" will wake me before 2pm when he goes.
Fingernail biting time!!!!!!

He's back after 2 hr lesson and loved it! Has been driving and very proud that he only stalled 3 times LOL

Next lesson next Sunday


downrightcrafty said...

Lol x it took me three years after my son learnt to drive to relax knowing he would be home later

hope he enjoys himself and thinking of your poor nails

Kate x

*Heart2Heart* said...

Awww bless haha Im sure hell be fine and will be a great safe driver :)

Janet said...

Aww bless you......they seem to grow up so quickly don't they. Your stamps are all packed and ready for the PO tomorrow morning sweetie.... so will be with you soon! x