Wednesday, 7 May 2008

My faith in Human nature has been restored

My sister got married just over a week ago and my hubby used their camera to capture the "best bits" for them. They also took it on honeymoon with their kids to Euro Disney and did loads of filming whilst there.

Unfortunately when they got home they couldn't find the camera bag even though they remembered having it at the Eurostar station. As it was bank holiday weekend there was no-one in lost property until yesterday so my sister rang and left her details not expecting to here anything.

She has received a call today. A member of staff who was working on Friday picked it up and took it home until back on duty today as he knew the lost property was closed.

As you can imagine she is absolutely delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so pleased there are some lovely people out there as the camera could be replaced but not the films of the wedding and honeymoon.


cats whiskers said...

Wow how great was that!!! glad she got it back , I have jut been looking through your lovely blog although I have visited before, I am a fellow sister I hope, done everything it said I was to do so Iam hoping that means I am now a member
Hugs Jacqui xx

Jaime said...

Welcome to the sistahood. Doesn't it amaze you sometimes what people will do. Usually it is for the worse and not the better but good to hear the good stuff.
Will be back soon,