Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year

We, as a family, had a tough start to Christmas with my Mum being rushed into hospital.  Thankfully she was released very late Christmas Eve and then our family festivities began.

We had a lovely Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home just the 4 of us (5 with our fur-doggy Rocky) before we all did our own thing.  

Hubby and I went to meet friends in a log cabin in Carmarthen and spent a few days just relaxing with lots of drinking and eating involved!

We came home yesterday and were supposed to spend New Years Eve with our dancing friends but I have come down with the flu-lurgy that is going around and not well enough to go.  The new dress I bought I will wear next week at our Winter Ball.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions however I do want to set some goals for 2018.

  • To re-start my healthy eating and lose the weight I have gained over last few months and lose more ready for our Trans-Atlantic Crossing on Queen Mary II in August 2018.  I lost almost 4 stones in the first half of last year and then "fell off the wagon" so need to re-focus and I am starting Weight Watchers Online from tomorrow.
  • To try to be more active - walking, dancing and swimming to hopefully boost the weight-loss.
  • To try to blog more.  Although I do create all year round I forget to take pics so cannot blog.  I want to at least try to blog once a week.  This will include weight-loss posts too on my progress.
  • To make 1 Christmas card every week.  I say this every year but as this Christmas I was so late with my cards and had to batch make them all the same (which I hate to do) so by doing this I will then stay on top of this.
  • To spend more time with my siblings/parents on a social level.  We started having "girls meals out" with Mom, Sister, Sister-in-Law, Daughter and Niece in the later part of 2017 and want to continue into 2018 with other members of the family too.
  • To try to reduce my unnecessary spending - personal and crafting.
For now I will sign off with a wish of you all having a fabulous and safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2018.

Much love



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