Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Storage

Today I have pics of fabby new storage that CRAFTERS COMPANION are launching on Monday on Create & Craft in a 4 day deal for their Spectrum Noir Pens.

This is how I used to store my pens.  Two CD storage racks laid sideways at the back of my desk with CD's slotted in to divide for colours.  Was quite organised but still had to route in each section for the pen I wanted.

These are the new racks with my Spectrum Noir Pens in.  Each rack holds 12 pens and for the full set of Spectrum Noirs you need 14 racks.  I have them in colour families numbered in order so it's really easy to pick the pen I need.  The fabby thing about this storage is that it can be stored vertically straight  (as mine are), vertically angled back or even side by side.  With mine vertically it's great for lifting "in one go" to move from place to place and is really sturdy!

More pics on Leann's blog, and as you can see from them the storage is also the right size for other makes of markers too.


Debbie said...

This is awesome Jane, I am soooo jealous I am just going to have to get them!!!!!
Debbie x

julie_woolston said...

This is fantastic Jane, I need to get this.

Hugs Julie x