Friday, 6 April 2012

Latest jewellery makes

I made this set for myself today using purple beads with lilac seed beads and AB montee crystals.  Very proud of this set as the necklace and bracelet are my own design :)

Will be showing a few new sets no doubt as taking my beading stash on hols so can bead in our caravan LOL.

This is a gift for a friend.  Took a while as all the "barrels" are made from tiny seed beads and sewn into peyote pattern to made the bead.  Then threaded on with the pearls and silver beads.  Really pleased with it!

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Linny said...

Your beading work is amazing Jane. I have a stash of beading stuff but have only attempted the memory wire bracelets. Think I need to be more adventurous. Linda x