Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My new crafting!

My lovely crafty friend Wendy has introduced me to a new craft - beading.

I have to say to begin with I was a little apprehensive but once I got going I found it so easy and very addictive!

Here are my first 3 projects.  I have now bought more colours and will make more!!!!!


Wendy said...

You're a secret beader just like me lol. I've seen these in real life and they're stunning.

Wait till you see what I made since I saw you on Tuesday. Got a matching bracelet, earrings and ring and just ordered some more beads to complete the set with a necklace (third order this week). I'm hooked now - there's no hope for me now. xx

Rachel Brown said...

Lovely Jane, you will soon have as big a jewellery stash as a card making one as it is very adictive!!!