Thursday, 20 October 2011

New storage

Thought you would like to see my new punch storage.  I previously kept them in a box but got sick of routing through them.  Bought these bars from Ikea and hubby put them up (but need another 3 as still got loads of punches left in box LOL)

So nice to see them all there and can just grab the one I need to use.


~ Ali Watson ~ said...

This is how i store mine too really is much easier to find what your looking for...Happy New Storage :)

Ali x

Anne said...

That looks like a great way of storing punches. I will have to look out for those when I go to Ikea. Thank you for the idea.

Cyprus Anne

Sue Thompson said...

That looks great, I need to get some myself.
Well done
Sue x

Linny said...

I could do with a bit of wall that big to store mine too Jane. I have nowhere to fit them! Linda x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I have mine on custom built narrow shelves in my craftroom now and it is so easy when they are at hand isn't it. It got on my nerves before rummaging around for them.There's just one downside, now they get dusty! These look great, hope you get some more soon. Marianne x

Wendy said...

I love this idea Jane but like Linda I don't have the wall space to do it as I have 4 drawers full of punches. I wish I could do this as it's much easier than rummaging. xx

Ildiko said...

What a g ood idea, next time I go to IKEA will get few and put it up, been thinking how to store mines so they not in a draw, thx for the tip

shells-crafts said...

great idea. im having my own craft room soon so looking out for nifty storage ideas!

June Nelson said...

Brilliant idea, just wish I had a wall to do that on, love em x