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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW #109

I warn you, you may need a cuppa as I'm going to blather on a bit :):):)

This is the first time I have posted on WHAT ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY but as I found this bargain and tidied up my messy desk I thought I would show you.

The Brown shelves are my recent bargain (had them for a while but not set them up). They are two CD racks that I found and thought would be perfect on the back of my desk for my promarkers. They were only £5 each and are quite sturdy as they are the faux leather type. I added four empty CD cases to partition (as was only one shelf halfway) so now I have 8 pigeon holes for my pens. I have discovered that the promarkers are the same colours as in trias and a lovely lady by the name of Michelle at Letraset sent me a list of the colour numbers so I don't duplicate them so will be buying Tria's now to "top up".
The silver CD box on the left holds all my nesties, other dies and embossing folders with my bug at the side (edited - Grand Calibur has been despatched today so should get it tomorrow whoop whoop!!!!.) My Gems, pearls, and fiddly bits are in the small drawers with flowers in the jars and my MS Scoreboard and Crafters Companion Envelobox boards on the right. The box next to the boards holds my Distress Inks. I have two lamps as the blue bulb one is my daylight bulb which makes a difference when colouring.

Love it - all nice and handy for when sitting and crafting. And talking of sitting (do you like my seamless link LOL) I also bought myself a new chair. I found while doing my DT work for Crafters Companion that the chair I had was only good for short spurts of crafting - my back was killing me, so I bought this lovely new one from Ikea recently and I can't tell you the difference it has made :)


Theresa said...

o wow Jane! Envious of your organization! Great desk and comfy looking chair!

nicolet said...

WOW this looks fantastic Jane! And sooo clean!
Hugs Nicolet

Doone said...

'C' Cards + tidy desk= i have formulated a theory about that - they are directly correlated,

hence I know with my messy desk no cards will get done until December 14th...

I see your beautiful tidy deak and a banner for christmas cards 2011, yay my theory is almost proven!

Wendy said...

What a fab storage idea for the Promarkers. I think I'm going to have to pinch this idea. Where did you get the cd racks from? Also, do you have the list of Tria numbers for the Promarkers? I still have my Trias and may have to incorporate them with my Promarkers as they still haven't sold. Oh, and how do you put the 'like' button on your blog? xx

Andria said...

Fabulous storage and work space! I love that you have a Christmas card counter...what a great way to keep yourself on target to meet your goal! Happy WOYWW!

Angie said...

Great storage bargain ....and I have that chair too ...brilliant

Twiglet said...

Super work area - hope we see what you get up to next time!

okienurse said...

Nice and neat desk today. Love all the new storage. I recently got a new chair for the same reason. My daughter gave it to me cause her husband didn't like it and the store wouldn't take back a $500 chair after them having it a month. I refused at first but now I am glad they kept forcing me to take it. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

Julia Dunnit said...

Great to have you in the WOYWW thing - what a neat and tidy desk. Have fun with the Calibre when it arrives, bet you'll love it. All that explaining you did and you forgot to introduce the face on the calendar!!

Spyder said...

ohoo welcome to woyww (sorry it's about ten minutes to Monday, but I type sooo slowly!! and read even slower! Lovely tidy desk,great promarker storage and I have those same draws you have above, only I took the tops off and joined all three of them together...(I keep my promarkers in them) now, when I lift them down the draws fall open and hit me in the eye,so not such a good idea! Happy Late WOYWW
((Lyn)) #29