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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Music Saves my soul

Over on MARCEA'S BLOG she is asking you to share your fave songs.

As it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary last week I thought I would share our Wedding song.  Still love it so much.


Marcea said...

aw this is gorgeous - congratulations hun. 1991 was a good year - I got married in July also ..... thanks for playing a long sweetie xxxxx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Beautiful song....and many congratulations on 20 years! x

Lisa aka Myran said...

I really love this song! Brings back some memories ;)
Congrats on your weddingday!!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Jane - just popped by from Marcea's - intrigued by everyones choices... I got married in June of 1991 and while we were on our honeymoon, Bryan Adams song "Everything I do (I do it for you" was playing everywhere - this is now what I associate as my wedding song as we didn't really have one (can't even remember the first dance)!!!

Your's is a great choice though.

Paula x x x

Cheryl said...

Great song! Congrats! I met my DH in 1991 but we didn't get married for a few years.