Friday, 6 May 2011


To all my followers a little bit of advice:-

It has come to light that a "person" is copying cards from blogs and writing onto CD's and selling on Ebay as her own work. The seller has been reported and has taken the hump about it - cheeky mare!!!! She is selling several different CD's with hundreds of images on and claiming wither her own work or she has paid the person and got permission which she has not.

PLEASE...... make sure you add a watermark onto your finished projects before posting on your blogs so the photos cannot be stolen and passed off as someone else's work.


I had my watermark made at Siggi Shop but can also buy them from Whimsy stamps or you can make them yourself as long as the background is clear and file is PNG format.


Suzi said...

She has 4 of my cards on her cd. I'm absolutely furious. I've reported her and will seek legal advice.
Suzi x


Very nice of her! Don't people know that eventually the truth gets out! It's a cutthroat world we live in for sure.

Vicky said...

wow thats terrible there is a lot of cheeky people out there. Thanks for letting people know hun. Hope she gets what she deserves!!

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

jackid said...

OMG that is terrible how can people do such things is beyond me I mean we all take inspiration from others but stealing images is totally wrong in sooo many ways (sorry I am trying to be polite when all I want to do is curse can you tell)
Jacki xx

Chrissy said...

How do you make a watermark please....thanks or the heads up..