Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ribbon Psychic Reading

My friend at work, Kath, has started a course on Ribbon Psychic Readings. She asked me this morning if I wanted a reading and of course I said yes as I LOVE anything like this.

I had to choose 7 ribbons from a bag with my eyes closed. The ribbons are all different colours and mean different things. Here is my choices and reading. Those of you that know me well - what do you think? Accurate??

Thanks Kath xxx

Colours chosen - black, red, dark pink, purple, grey, orange & yellow

Your family is the most important thing in your life you are the tree, the strong one . You're very proud of your family and they're number one in everything you do for them.
You're a very romantic person and are quite spiritual too. You don't need material things for happiness either, but you do wear your heart on your sleeve.
Though you are a magnet to people and are well liked but don't let people walk all over you and use you, as you can get hurt easy.
You are as the saying goes "old head on young shoulders" and are wise for your years you should look back on your family tree and life regression too. You are a very bold person and can wear the colours to go with it. You should calm down and listen to your inner feelings. You're very creative but you know that you can turn your hand to anything and you will never be without money you always manage to sort out your priorities so you never go without and are rich with life, love and family. You have a good life, money, love and happiness

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