Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Christmas Card 4


Had lovely time at the caravan - but cold!!!!! Closed it all down for winter now so will not be back until March 1st next year!

This card is one I made before going away using Jolly Gingers 3d set from Cuddly Buddly

Had a fab day today - went shopping, browsing for bridesmaid dresses for me for my sister's wedding next year. Found a gorgeous one and although lost weight thought I would just try on the next size down to what I used to buy - and it was enormous!!!!!! Didn't have next size but was so chuffed - really made my day and gave me a major motivation boost!!!

Jane x

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Secret Crafter said...

Nice to see you back again. Thank you so much for the lovely card - I received it this morning. It was so unexpected - a lovely surprise.

Wendy x